Welcome to Wildcat Cheer!
Our cheer program is ran by Melissa Carlson and Becky Sahlin-Lyons. Melissa has been coaching with the Wildcats for the last 5 years and we were honored to have Becky join us last year. Together these girls have over 35 years of cheer experience. Melissa has been a cheerleader with both Rec and competition teams and has spent her life around the incredible sport of cheer. Becky spent her adolescent years in dance and started coaching cheer when her daughter fell in love with the sport 7 years ago. Both are members of the WSCCA, stunt certified and attend the Washington State Coaches Conference each year.
Cheer will practice twice a week (Tue and Wed 5:30-7:30pm) all season long starting in August (Exact date is given at the Season Kick off meeting). Once games begin in Sept, our cheer team has 5 *dedicated cheer squads that cheer on our football teams each Saturday. *New this year, is a dedicated game squad. Each girl will be placed in a game day squad before the first game. That squad will then cheer together each Saturday for the same Wildcat football team all season long. These squads will not be based on age. All cheerleaders must be within the ages of 6-13 years of age OR going into their First-8th grade school year. For those who are dedicated and wanting to extend the season, we offer a spot on a competition team where we learn a new routine and compete in a local competition. This gives all of our cheer athletes the chance to experience both Sideline and competition styles of Cheer.
We believe in having respectful well rounded athletes come out of our program. This is why at Wildcat Cheer we do things slightly different. We do not separate our cheer squads by age. During practices we are all together as one big group. This helps our 6 year old beginners or anyone new to cheer, learn from our more experienced girls who have cheer with us for years. For stunt groups, we pair the cheerleaders together by athletic ability, instead of age, to be able to push and grow each and every one of our athletes throughout the season. By having both a beginner and advanced stunt group on each game day squad, they are able to help each other "master" cheer. For our returning cheerleaders ages 11+ we offer the opportunity to try out to be one of our Captains. Each game day squad will have 2 captains that direct and lead their squad through out the game. They truly become strong leaders on the team throughout the season that often continues on outside of their Wildcat cheer career with us.  Our goal is to do everything we can to form a solid foundation and love for the wonderful sport of cheer, no matter where it takes our athletes. We would love to have you join our Wildcat Cheer Family.
*2021 will have 30 first come, first served spots available.
Please feel free to reach out to Coach Melissa with any additional questions: